Behind the Veil, Vol II, Unmasking Muhammad's Life

Behind the Veil, Vol II, Unmasking Muhammad's Life
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Behind the Veil, Vol II, Unmasking Muhammad's Life. By Joseph Abd El Shafi, MD. Hardcover, 251 pp.

This book contains nothing more than quotations from the Quran and top Muslim historians and scholars who wrote in detail about Muhammad's life. Muhammad repeatedly said, "I am the best of all mankind, and also my Arab tribe is the best of the entire human race" ([Hadith] Bukhari); yet Muslim historians confirm and attest that Muhammad:

  • Ordered husbands to beat their wives (Quran: Surah 4:34).
  • Married a six-year old girl when he was fifty-one (Bukhari Vol.7). Practicing dirty sex until consummating the marriage when she became nine. (Look at page 42, 195, and 238)
  • Gave Muslims permission to have a "temporary marriage" for 2-3 days with any unmarried woman (Bukhari Vol.7)
  • Gave his followers permission to have sex with any captive woman, even if she is married citing the Quran: Surah 4:24, even against his followers' hesitation.
  • Encouraged Muslims to attack other tribes promising the spoils of treasures, land, and women.
  • Ordered a captive old woman to be split in two halves because she insulted him.
  • Beheaded 800 Jewish men after they had surrendered, dividing their women and children among his followers.
  • Burned the chest of a Jewish prisoner in order to get his money, then he beheaded him and took his wife as a sex slave.
  • Gouged the eyes of Arab prisoners out of their heads, cutting of their hands and feet, leaving them to die thirsty.
  • Engaged in slave trading owning dozens of slaves.
  • Forced Arab pagans to convert to Islam or face death.
  • Ordered the killing of any Muslim who renounces Islam.
  • Ordered Muslims to attack Jews and Christians (Quran: Surah 9:29).
  • Mutilated living men, not just the dead as happened in Fallojah (Chapter 4)

    This book also discusses the reason of Sep. 11 and how to fight terrorism. Documented copies included in English and Arabic. Former Muslims shared in this book, some of them being Muslim scholars.

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