Courtship & Marriage; How to Prepare for Lifelong Love

Courtship & Marriage; How to Prepare for Lifelong Love
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Courtship & Marriage; How to Prepare for Lifelong Love, by Fr. John O'Brien. Paperback, 60 pp.

Young people today are finding shattered hearts and broken promises in the place of real love. This book outlines God's special plan for building lifelong marriages. It courageously presents a challenge to young adults to build a greater kind of love through honorable courtship.

You'll learn:

  • How do I know if we're compatible?
  • Just how far can we go before marriage?
  • What girls need to know about guys
  • What guys need to look for in a wife
  • How to keep your head when you're head-over-heels in love
  • The dangers of both haste and delay in getting married
  • The #1 enemy of your relationship
  • The best "test" to see if your relationship is on the right track
  • The surest way to make your marriage a success

    "Honorable courtship - an alternative to typical American dating - is possible. Courtship and Marriage offers a refreshing message for today's teens and young adults." - Kimberly Hahn

    "This small volume is packed with practical, time tested advice on how to choose a suitable spouse, preserve chastity, and cultivate true love. The first step in creating a 'divorce-proof' marriage is to read and heed the wisdom in this book." - Jim Burnham

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