Creation To Present : A Catholic Homeschool World History Resource Book

Creation To Present : A Catholic Homeschool World History Resource Book
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Product Description

"This is more than a timeline. It is an invaluable resource guide to studying history!" -Sonya Romens

"I find myself using the reference timeline portion of the book frequently. it's definitely not a book that will just get left on the shelf!" -Alica Van Hecke

"Most timelines represent world history from a protestant view, breezing over early church fathers and other people and events that receive greater attention in Catholic history texts. This timline set includes most figures ypu find in other timelines plus those of especial interest to Catholics..." -Cathy Duffy

Unifies All Studies Onto One Timeline:

  • Art: Artists, Painters, Sculptors
  • Geography: explorers, Navigators
  • History: Civilizations, Wars, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Conquerors
  • Literature: Playwrights, Authors, Poets
  • Music: Composers, Musicians
  • Religion: Prophets, Kings, Jesus, Popes, Saints
  • Science: Mathematicians, Inventors, Scientists

    The Resource Book Contains Seven Sections:

    1. Timeline: Chronological list of 1575 brief biographies/summaries with references to 751 pictures in catholic timeline illustrations
    2. US Presidents: with terms of office, accomplishments, VPS, Family
    3. Popes: Listing of all popes and antipopes with brief descriptions
    4. Textbooks: Catholic history texts arranged by grade 1-12
    5. Literature: over 670 books giving the length, age appropriateness, and ISBN so you can more easily find both fiction and non-fiction books to supplement your students education.
    6. Movies: Over 200 films with descriptions and USCCB ratings
    7. Index

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