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Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

  • Da Vinci painted it for his patron, Duke Ludovico Sforza and Duchess Beatrice d'Este between 1495 and 1498
  • The original mural can be found at the back wall of a Dominican convent's dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy; it measures 15' x 29'
  • It is called "Il Cenacolo" or "L'Ultima Cena" in Italian.  Cenacle is the term ascribed to the upper room where the Last Supper was held.  "Cena" is the Latin word for dinner.
  • It depicts the confusion among the Apostles after Jesus announces that one of them will betray Him (in John 13:21)
  • The Dominicans were displeased at this depiction of the Last Supper, thinking they were getting a glorified portrayal of the institution of the Eucharist
  • The vanishing point of the painting is behind Jesus' head, which draws the viewers attention to Him
  • Notice that Judas, distracted by Peter, is reaching for a piece of bread at the same time that Jesus is, revealing to the Apostles who His betrayer will be
  • Judas is holding a bag, possibly containing the pieces of silver (or, symbolizing his role as the Apostle's treasurer); he is the only one with his elbows on the table
  • The Apostles are grouped in threes.  There are three windows behind Jesus.  Jesus' figure is shaped like a triangle
  • Peter is holding a dagger--presumably the one he will use to cut off the soldier's ear; the dagger is pointing at Bartholomew, who will later be martyred by flaying
  • There is a huge portion missing just beneath Jesus--someone had placed a door there in the mid-17th Century

1. Bartholomew - stood up in shock and anger, both hands on the table

2. James (the Lesser) - hand calming the angered Peter

3. Andrew - in shock, defensive posture, "not me!"

4. Judas - skulking away in guilt, clutching his purse, reaching for a piece of bread

5. Peter- furious, wielding his dagger

6. John- distraught, about to faint

7. Jesus - downcast eyes, sadness at revealing His betrayer, reaching for a piece of bread

8. Thomas - approaching Jesus with a question while pointing

9. James (the Greater) - furious, arms holding back Thomas and Philip

10. Philip - saddened, pleading with a question

11. Matthew - pointing at Jesus while asking Simon for an answer

12. Jude - begging Simon for an answer

13. Simon - doesn't know what to say to Matthew and Jude

Da Vinci's Last Supper
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Da Vinci's Last Supper
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Da Vinci's Last Supper
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