Flight of Faith : My Miracle on the Hudson by Frederick Berretta

Flight of Faith : My Miracle on the Hudson by Frederick Berretta
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Flight of Faith My Miracle on the Hudson. A story about how a plane shortly after takeoff from New York on January 15, 2009, a U.S. Airways Airbus A-320 crash-landed in the the Hudson River. All 155 passengers and crew survived the crash and were rescued from the freezing waters within minutes. It was a unique event in the modern commercial jet era, and one that inspired hope and awe in millions who followed the news on the television and radio. Within an hour after the passengers and crew of Flight 1549 had safely debarked rescue boats, the governor of New York proclaimed, "We've had a Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street, and now I believe we've had a Miracle on the Hudson."

God spared Frederick Berretta's life in an instant - and changed his heart forever. Frederick Berretta was an amateur pilot himself, so when U.S. Airways Flight 1549 struck a flock of geese and lost both engines, minutes after takeoff from Laguardia Airport on that fateful afternoon of January, 15, 2009, he knew before most of his fellow passengers that something was seriously wrong. As the roar of the jets was silenced and the aircraft ceased to climb, as the pilot guided the powerless plane towards a desperate crash landing in the Hudson River and announced, "Brace for impact," Berretta closed his eyes, clutched the prayer book in his pocket, and tried to prepare himself for death.

A multitude of thoughts flooded his mind all at once. He reminded himself that the odds of surviving a water landing were slim to none. He thought of his wife and his four children, and how they would miss him. He remembered he had just been to confession and to Mass, and he wondered if his soul would be ready to meet the Lord. and he knew he had to pray.

"God, please be merciful to us, for the sake of your Son," he whispered. "Please spare us. I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Mother of God, Please pray for us."

At that very instant, Berretta felt a "push" or "nudge" on his Conscience; a state of awareness he'd never before experienced; and keen realization that he had to do something. But what? Then God's voice sounded strong and clear in the depth of his soul: Are you going to accept My will for your life?

Book is: Softcover. 124 pp.

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