Gem Babies Odyssey--A Journey to the Discovery of Hope by Juliana Gerace

Gem Babies Odyssey--A Journey to the Discovery of Hope by Juliana Gerace
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It's a love story, a tragedy, and a journey of discovery in the life of one very talented woman. Just as young artist Mariel Turner is enjoying the height of notoriety for her stunning paintings on behalf of Invisible Crimes Centers, the dark shadows of danger and destruction threaten everything. While her paintings have awakened the public to the horrible crimes of human trafficking, a vicious crime ring seeks its revenge. Thrust into the conflict between light and darkness, hope and despair, Mariel must confront the meaning of life-both here and hereafter-as she discovers the face of selfless love

Softcover, 222 pages.


Gem Babies Odyssey is a remarkably unique and enthralling story. Set your imagination on high for this one and prepare to be mesmerized by the tale as Juliana Gerace paints pictures with words like her heroine Mariel paints life stories with paint. Though the subject matter is serious and important, the book is as filled with poignant heartfelt moments of friendship, love, and spiritual growth, as it is with action, excitement, and startling twists and turns. The story is engrossing, and as another reviewer has noted, I too, look forward to a sequel. Gem Babies Odyssey is indeed a gem of an odyssey. Embark

I love this book and highly recommend it. It is heartfelt, unique, and imaginative! Anyone who has turned away from their faith because of a past wrong or tragedy should definitely read this book. God's love and mercy is a central theme in this beautiful love story. It will inspire you to take another look at your faith and will give you hope. I didn't want the book to end and can't wait for the sequel

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Juliana Gerace sees life as an adventurous journey with Christ that offers many epiphanies along the way. Having served in youth ministry for fifteen years, she now works in adult faith formation in California, where she lives with her husband, Vincent. Juliana earned her doctorate in ministry in 2010.

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