El Pan De Cada Dia, Padre Anthony J. Paone

El Pan De Cada Dia, Padre Anthony J. Paone
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La obra aqui presentada, EL PAN DE CADA DIA, es un resumen de doctrina espiritual, simplificado y elaborado de tal manera que hace asequible a todos el conocimiento y la practica de los principios de vida espiritual. Esta dividida en tres libros que tratan de las tres vias de la vida espiritual.

1) Purificacion: Debemos reformar lo que ha sido viciado por el pecado.

2) Imitacion: Debemos conformar con Cristo lo que hemos reformado.

3) Union: Debemos transformarnos en Cristo a quien nos hemos conformado.

Pequeno y conveniente en tamano.

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Tapa Blanda, 439 paginas, 2.5" x 3.5"

My Daily Life is the follow-up title, and natural complement to, Father Paone’s indispensible My Daily Bread. While the latter focused on the interior life, My Daily Life focuses on the exterior life, offering practical advice on daily living and getting to the heart of human nature.

This powerful little volume will help you navigate a world that is “no paradise, neither…and utter hell.” My Daily Life offers sound advice on a host of daily struggles, including:

• How to strive for earthly fulfillment within the bounds of reason, reality, and morality (p. 12)

• How to overcome our insecurity in a world that we cannot control (p. 59)

• How to achieve self-possession by controlling undue anger (p. 87)

• How to face life with a realistic outlook and avoid being overly emotional (p. 122)

• How the theological virtue of hope can benefit us in our earthly goals as well (p .273)

Father Paone presents the readings in “bite-sized” portions that make it easy to maintain a daily devotional schedule. This convenient, palm-sized book is overflowing with common sense, compassion, and holiness. The passages in the book will help transform belief into realization, and theory into practice. My Daily Life is an essential and relatively unknown part of the canon of great Catholic literature.

My Daily Life is a practical guide that will help you to persevere in the holy resolutions which you make at the time of confession, Holy Communion, missions, retreats, or any moment of grace.

About The Author

Father Anthony Paone, S.J. was a priest with the Confraternity of the Precious Blood and a beloved teacher at the renowned Brooklyn Preparatory Academy. He wrote two of the most remarkable Christian books in the modern era: My Daily Bread and My Daily Life.

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of this Confraternity of the Precious Blood title go directly to The Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood in Brooklyn, NY to support them in their vocation.

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