Green Scapular

Green Scapular
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Here is a story about the Green Scapular and suggestions to you why this is a very special Sacramental to wear close to you, to carry with you each day, or to quietly place among the belongings of loved ones who need to grow in their faith.

In 1840, while at prayer in the mother house Chapel of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, France, Sister Justine Bisqueyburu received an extraordinary blessing. She was visited by our Blessed Mother.

Sister Justine experienced Mary robed in a long white gown, over which she wore a mantle of pale blue. A veil did not cover her hair. In her right hand she held her Immaculate Heart, with intense flames radiating from it. In her left hand she held a Scapular made of a single piece of green cloth, suspended from a cord of the same color.

On the reverse of the Scapular image, Sister Justine saw "a heart ablaze with rays more dazzling than the sun and as transparent as crystal." The heart, pierced by a sword, was surrounded by these swords, "Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us, now and at the hour of our death."

An inner voice revealed to Sister Justine that this Green Scapular was a gift from God for the conversion of souls, specially those far away from the Lord. She also understood that the Blessed Virgin Mary would obtain the grace of a happy death for those who wore this Green Scapular.

Later, in another vision, Our Blessed Lady told Sister Justine that the Scapular could even be placed secretly in the clothing or hidden among the posessions of a person who had no faith, without the person knowing it. However, each day the prayer on the Green Scapular should be prayed. If the person given the Scapular doesn't say the prayer, the person giving it should pray it for them.

The Blessed Virgin also made this promise: "to come to the assistance of any person who uses it as an act of love for me, and I shall bless all hearts on earth who spread devotion to my Green Scapular."

For almost 170 years, through the use of the Green Scapular, many conversions have occurred and countless people have been healed. Miraculous cures have been reported, including cancer, blindness, deafness, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, alcoholism, arthritis, rheumatism, etc. Devout use of the Green Scapular has brought great places to many people.

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