How Can I Get To Heaven: The Bible's Teaching On Salvation Made Easy To Understand

How Can I Get To Heaven: The Bible's Teaching On Salvation Made Easy To Understand
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How Can I Get To Heaven: The Bible's Teaching On Salvation Made Easy To Understand

Softcover, 310 pp.

Robert Sungenis, Foreward by Thomas Howard

In past centuries, thousands of churches have struggled with that one basic question. Unfortunately, there are often as many answers as there are churches. This book will clear away the confusion and bring you into a realm of understanding that you always knew possible but just needed the proper guidance to bring it out. As with most things that are godly and true, the answer is really very simple.

Scripture's teaching on entrance into the Kingdom of God is no exception. If your mind and heart are open, this book is guaranteed to change your life, your conception of God, and the way you look at others and the world itself. After reading it, you will have no doubt what God expects of you and what to teach to others.

"Robert Sungenis leaves nothing to chance, no stone unturned, no concession for any other reasonable argument." - The Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska

"Only some books deserve to be called 'seminal' and 'revolutionary'. This book is surely one of them." Reverend Ronald Tacelli, S.J., Ph.D., Boston College

"I am pleased that the important doctrine of Justification has received as thorough an apologia as this book offers. It is especially gratifying to read so clear an account of a matter which has often been sadly confused in the rush of polemics." - Reverend George W. Rutler, Ph.D.

"This book may well become the most significant contribution to ecumenical relations between Protestants and Catholics that has appeared in a long time." -Kenneth J. Howell, Ph.D.

"Catholic Apologetics has rarely been in more flourishing condition, and this book is one of the foremost proofs of it." - William Marshner, S.T.L. Christendom College

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