Catholic Patron Saint Medals

Engraving possible on many medals... $20.00 for up to 3 lines...Call for details.

Patron Saint Sterling 3/4" Diameter Series
 Sterling Silver or Gold over Sterling Silver 1.6 cm Round Patron Saint Medals
ENGRAVABLE Sterling Silver or Gold over Sterling Silver 2cm Round Patron Saint Medals
St. Francis Enameled Pet Medal
St. Francis Pet Medal
Choose a 2.7cm Oval Sterling Silver Medal of Your Favorite Patron Saint
Choose a 2.4cm Oval Sterling Silver Medal of Your Favorite Patron Saint
1" Patron Saint Oxidized Medals
2.7cm  St. Christopher Saint Medal, Patron of Travelers
St. Christopher Gold or Silver Medal--Patron of Travelers
2.7cm Sterling Silver Medal of Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron of Animals
St. Jude Medal - 2.7cm Patron Saint Medal
St. Kateri Tekakwitha 1.9cm Sterling Silver Medal
Saint Michael - 2.0cm 18Kt Gold Over Sterling Silver Medal or Sterling Silver
Saint Patrick, Patron of Ireland. -  2.7cm Sterling Silver Medal
Saint Peregrine Pendant - The Cancer Saint
Saint Rita, Patron of  Impossible Cases,  Sterling Silver Pendant
Four-Way Sterling Silver Catholic Saint Medal
St. Florian,  Patron Saint of FIREFIGHTERS Medal
St. Michael Sterling Silver Medal
Padre Pio Patron Saint Medal: 1" x 5/8"
Guardian Angel Round Baby Pin--Sterling Silver/Gold
Four-Way Catholic Saint Medal
3 cm Sterling Silver  St. Christopher Medal L608
St. Michael Medal - Patron of POLICE -  Sterling Silver or Gold Shield
St. Christopher/Michael, Patron Saints of the MILITARY - Sterling Silver
St. Bridget Cross--Sterling Silver--18" chain - - Patron Saint
St. Christopher Sterling Silver Medal Patron of motorists and travelers
St. Joan of Arc--Patron of the Military
St. Christopher Surfer Medal - 2.3cm
St. Christopher/Surfer Medal, 1.9cm
Air-Land-Sea Four-Way Sterling Silver Service Medal
St. Christopher--Round Blue Enamel--Sterling Silver Medal
St. Michael Large Round Sterling Silver/Gold Medal
St. Christopher Round Sterling Silver Medal
St. Christopher Medal--1.9 Cm.
St. Christopher Anklet Medal
Sterling Silver St. Christopher 2.5cm Round Medal
St. Christopher Surfer Medal Bracelet
2.5cm Sterling Silver  St. Christopher Medal
Four-way Catholic Saint Medal - Sterling Silver
Slider Four-way Saint Medal with Embossed Enamel
1.1cm 4-Way Sterling Silver Saint Medal
St. George Saint Medal - 2.5cm Sterling Silver
Four-Way Medal--Sterling Silver
St. Christopher Sport Medals
3.2 Cm St. Michael Medal--12 Kt. Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
St. Christopher, Patron of Travelers, Sterling Silver Medal
Saint Christopher, Patron of Travelers, Sterling Silver Medal
Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron of Animals, Sterling Silver Medal
St. Cecilia Choir Medal
St. Christopher Sports Medals
Dogtag, Stainless Steel, or Gold Link Chains
Holy Cards--Laminated W/medal
 Sterling Silver St. Therese Medal
St. Peregrine/Our Lady of Sorrows Medal
Our Lady of Guadalupe Gold Medal 2.5 cm
Saint Monica Medal 2.0 cm 20'' chain
Pulseras Estrechables de Nuestro Senor, Maria y los Santos Hecha de Madera
Guardian Angel Cat Medal
St. Nicholas Sterling Silver Medal SS1225
Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal
St. Christopher Sterling Silver Medal
St. Lucy Gold or Sterling Silver Medal
St. Gianna Medal
Patron Saints Prayer Card & Pendant
 Our Lady of Guadalupe Large Oxidized  Medal
Boys/Girls Pewter Sport Medals
Oval Sterling Silver St. Christopher Medal
St. Benedict Round Medals
Huge 4 cm Round  Sterling Silver St. Joseph Medal SS561
St. Christopher Pendant, Genuine US Military Issue, with Beaded Chain
St. Benedict Medal--Blue and Red Enameled
St. Benedict Medal--Laser Engraved
Small Patron Saint Medals
St. Benedict Medal
St. Kateri Tekakwitha Oval Sterling Silver Medal
Our Lady of Guadalupe Small Round Medal
St. Therese Sterling Silver  Medal
Small Gold St. Christopher Medal J388
St. Benedict Medal
 St. Benedict Medal In a Gold Frame
 Dual  Medal of St. Pope John Paul II and St. Pope John XXIII
4 Way Pewter Medal with Holy Spirit Center ANMG5ES
Sterling Silver Round St. Christopher Medal SM0853
Gold Enamel St Christopher Medal SM9504
Sterling Silver Enamel St Christopher Medal SM9503

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