Miscellaneous Cloth Scapulars

Miscellaneous Cloth Scapulars
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Product Description

  • A1: Is the Passion Scapular with the images of the Holy Passion of Our Lord that says: J.C. save us, and the Scared hearts of Jesus and Mary that says: Protect us.(Cost is $2.50)
  • B1: Is a White Cord with a plastic cover Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Scapular. That has the images of St Simon Stock and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.(Cost is $1.00)
  • C1: Is the same as B1 accept it has a brown cord. (cost is $1.00)
  • D1: All cloth, $1.75 each
  • E1: Is all cloth brown Cord Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Scapular. (Cost is $2.75)
  • F1: Is the same as E1 accept with a white cord. (Cost is $2.75)
  • G1: Is a small brown Scapular with a zig-zag design, that has the images of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and Scared Heart of Jesus.
  • H1: Is the same as G1 accept with a brown and white cord. (Cost is $1.00.) However, NOT AVAILABLE.
  • I1 Is a tiny brown cord Scapular with plastic images of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and the Scared Heart of Jesus. (Cost is $1.00)
  • J1 Is a all cloth Scapular that is red with the images of the Scared Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe. (Cost is $1.50)
  • K1: Is a all cloth Scapular that is pink with the image of Divino Nino. (Cost is $1.50)
  • L1: Is a tiny Mt. Carmel Scapular with a long brown cord.SORRY, NOT AVAILABLE (Cost is $1.00)

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