Our Lady and the Church by Hugo Rahner, S.J.

Our Lady and the Church by Hugo Rahner, S.J.
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Our Lady and the Church by Hugo Rahner, S.J.

Paperback, 152 pp.

"Hugo Rahner's great achievement was his rediscovery, in the Fathers, of the indivisibility of Mary and the Church. This marvelous work is one of the most important theological rediscoveries of the twentieth century." —POPE BENEDICT XVI

Filled with richly poetic, sometimes startling imagery, Our Lady and the Church is one of the rare books that appeals with equal power to both the mind and the heart.

Praise for Our Lady and the Church:

"This is an extraordinarily instructive book that well deserves the new life given it by Zaccheus Press." —First Things

"This is a wonderful book linking the theology of the Church as an institution with the theology of Our Blessed Mother. Fr. Hugo draws parallels between the Church and the Blessed Virgin in a way that is easily understood by the average reader." —Pete Vere, The Wanderer

"Hugo Rahner's writing is full of clarity and light. Our Lady and the Church has literally lit a flame under my devotion to our Blessed Mother. Buy two copies today, one for you and the other for your pastor. This is a truly illuminating and wondrous book." —Fr. Shane Tharp

"Father Hugo Rahner, S.J. (1900-1968), was a German historian and theologian (not to be confused with Karl Rahner) who specialized in the teaching of the Church Fathers. In this profound, poetic meditation, he reflects on the rich biblical imagery these ancient teachers employed to describe Our Lady." —Paul Thigpen, The Catholic Answer

"With engaging clarity, this pioneering study sets forth the vast range of biblical metaphors the Fathers applied to Mary and the Church: ark of the covenant, valiant woman, treasure-laden ship. This rich theology of poetry and imagery has much to say to our more prosaic age." —Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.

"This small book is packed with images of Mary that are fertile for prayer and meditation... easy-to-read, but deep." –Oswald Sobrino, Catholic Analysis weblog

"Our Lady and the Church is a real treasure. Please send four additional copies for my daughters. (Later, I may send copies to my two sons... If only they would read...!)" —Mrs. A.O.

"Three cheers seem too stingy for tiny Zaccheus Press... Our Lady and the Church is physically a gorgeous book. The cover’s cobalt blue border and white background surround a print of Botticelli’s Madonna of the Book, while the title, in gold lettering, and the author, in red lettering, are above and below the print respectively. For those who judge books at least in part by their covers, it should be said that designer Robin Terra gets a special prize. But like the stable in Bethlehem, what is inside is immeasurably greater than the outside.... This book, only 135 pages of text, is so full that it would pay immeasurable rewards by close study." —David Paul Deavel, Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly [pdf link], Summer 2005, p. 36.

"For anyone - Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish - trying to understand the high place accorded to Mary and her veneration in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, this book is a good place to start. It explains, through numerous quotes from the Eastern and Western Fathers, as well as medieval and modern theologians right up to twentieth century, the perennial teaching that the Virgin Mary is a type and forerunner of the Church. In the words of St. Augustine: 'What He bestowed on Mary in the Flesh, He has bestowed on the Church in the Spirit: Mary gave birth to the One, and the Church gives birth to the Many, who through the One become one.' It is in this light that the Catholic dogmas concerning Mary, including the Assumption, take on meaning. As Fr. Rahner explains: 'Our Lady's Assumption, the final history of the body of the woman who gave birth to God, is therefore not so much an exception to the rule, but much more a fulfilling in advance of what is promised to the whole Mystical Body of Christ.'

This is a profound, thought-provoking book, and a must read on Mariology." —Hamilton Reed Armstrong, Sculptor, Lecturer, Writer, AGDEI Art

"A visiting deacon introduced a group of us to this volume -- the first evening was just exhilarating for me! Sometimes it's hard to find good solid Christian books that challenge and inspire. If this book is typical, Zaccheus Press is a real treasure house." —S.D.B. (Columbus, Ohio)

"This is a clearly written book which sheds great light, the light of faith, on Mary, type of the Church. Congratulations to Zaccheus Press for publishing Hugo Rahner's Our Lady and the Church, a faith-inspiring book." —A.E.G. (Houston, TX)

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