Raised in the South by Seymour Lenz

Raised in the South by Seymour Lenz
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Seymour Lenz's new book, "Raised in the South by the Benedictine Monks at St. Bernard's Abbey," tells how, as a young adult raised in South Georgia, he took risks and faced challenges to change his life for the better.

This is a book of short stories about being raised as one of six kids in a poor family in South Georgia. As a young boy, he was told that he had a vocation to be a priest and was sent off to the seminary at St. Bernard's Monastery in Cullman, Alabama. Some of his memories are full of adventure, and others are about struggle and hardship in a large family. His stories tell of the obstacles he faced, how they affected him and how he dealt with them. The happiest stories are about his friends and the monks at St. Bernard's, who influenced his life and helped him to grow into a young man full of optimism and opportunity. His experiences in life, while growing up, helped him to form his identity. They are part of who he became. It can help today's young adults to change their lives for the better.

Seymour was inspired to write his book when he went back to St. Bernard's, in Cullman, Alabama, for his fiftieth class reunion. Before leaving the Abbey, he visited the Abbey cemetery to pay his respects. It startled him when he saw the tombstones of all of the Benedictine Monks who had ever taught him. It then dawned on him how much of who he was had come from them. The monks had dedicated their lives, as teachers and mentors, to helping him as a young adult. They also taught him by their example. This book was written as a tribute to them, and shows a little bit of how they went about transforming his life. softcover,237 pp

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