Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children--DVD

Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children--DVD
Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children--DVD
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Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children--DVD

Talking doughnuts, extraterrestrial penguins, and computer-generated vegetables are all well and good. They can even teach a lesson as they entertain. But there comes a time when Catholic children need more from a DVD.

This outstanding collection of songs has been providing the little ones with a solid introduction to the foundations of the Catholic Faith for generations. Now, for the first time, the big truths in these little songs come to DVD. Illustrated with traditional Catholic children's art, and accompanied by on screen lyrics, Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children will help young children with their catechism, as well as their reading, while they sing!

In this all-new DVD presentation, the time-tested methods of audio-visual learning are combined to produce an easy and entertaining way for young children to learn the Faith. All the songs collected on this DVD were originally recorded in the 1950s and are 100% Traditional. The topics covered range from the Ten Commandments to the Apostles Creed, to how to behave at Mass, and more.

With absolutely no rock, or rap, or other insidious influences to compromise their innocence, the beautiful arrangements of these timeless songs will remind children of the tunes they love from classic children's Christmas specials. More than mere "entertainment with a message," these wonderful songs are completely Catholic and never compromise, or water-down the Faith.

Perfect for home or school, generations of Catholic children have loved these songs. Now, a whole new generation will discover the truths of the Faith in a whole new way, with Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children on DVD!

Titles Include:

  • Three Persons in One God

  • Jesus, Our Redeemer

  • Mary is My Mother, Too

  • The Ten Commandments Song

  • Look Out, Little One

  • The Works of Mercy

  • The Apostles Creed

  • I Assist at Mass

  • Anima Christi

  • And 12 more...

    What You'll Discover:

  • A fun and easy way to learn important truths of the Catholic Faith

  • On screen lyrics to help the children sing along

  • Illustrated with familiar pictures that young children love

  • 100% Traditional Catholic content Absolutely no "rock" or "rap"

  • All Scripture quotations from the Douay-Rheims Bible

  • Perfect for homeschoolers and religion teachers

  • Excellent compliment to preparation for First Holy Communion

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