The 3" St. Benedict Crucifix

The 3" St. Benedict Crucifix
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The 3" St. Benedict Crucifix
St. Benedict Crucifix--approximate size 2 X 3 inches.
  • One style comes with a 30" cord and enamel fill on the cross.
  • The Solid finishes with no fill and does not come with a cord.
  • Please click on the picture for a more detailed view.
  • includes a small booklet explaining the significance of the medal.

    Benedict XIV established the design of this medal. On one side it carries the image of St. Benedict holding a cross in his hand; on the other side there is a larger cross with Latin initials. Due to the fact that the cross represented here is an essential element of this medal, it is called the Medal/Crucifix of St. Benedict.

    On the back is an effigy of the Saint, holding the cross in his right hand and the Rules in his left hand; on his right there is a cup from which a serpent is escaping (a recollection of the poisoned wine which he miraculously escaped); on the left is a crow taking away the poisoned bread.

    Underneath are the words: EX S.M. CASINO MDCCCLXXXX(From the Holy Mount Cassino 1880). On the two sides CRUX SANCTI PATRIS BENEDICTI (Cross of Holy Father Benedict). Around the image: EIUS IN OBITU NOSTRO PRAESENTIA MUNIAMUR (May we be strengthened by his presence in the hour of our death!).

    Also Available but not shown:A Luminous, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black Enamel finish St. Benedict Crucifixes.

    The St. Benedict crucifixes are Made in Italy

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