The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism, by David J. Hartline

The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism, by David J. Hartline
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Itís time to turn the page. Itís time for a breath of fresh air. Itís time to spread the word that the tide is turning toward Catholicism. The media can make it seem like times have never been worse for Catholicism, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Good news is everywhere, and we find it in the innumerable positive developments happening right now in the Catholic Church:

  • Vocations around the world?...Up.
  • Interest in Marian devotion and Eucharistic adoration?...Exploding.
  • Catholic media such as TV, radio, websites, and blogs?...Up exponentially (the number of radio stations alone are up 850% in the last decade!).
  • The culture?...Faithful Catholics-actors, sports stars, and average lay people are making their mark by standing up for life, for the poor, and for the Church.
  • The young?...Their faithfulness to and love for the Church and the Holy Father have undergone a profound resurgence in recent years.

    "With the scandals of recent years, all the so-called "Catholic" politicians,and the many threats to Catholic morality from cloning and other such scientific "advances," hopeful predictions for the future of the Catholic faith are often met with skepticism. But David J. Hartline, editor of Catholic Report, a popular online journal, sees things differently. In his new book, The Tide Is Turning Towards Catholicism, he makes a compelling case that the Church is gaining in strength and appeal, even in the so-called "post-Christian" West where secular materialism would appear to be the dominant philosophy.

    Hartline argues his case by noting such trends as young people returning to traditional beliefs and pious practices; a new wave of assertively Catholic schools, colleges, and universities; impressive growth in books, periodicals, music, and other expressions of Catholic popular culture; and even an increased willingness among Catholic public figures (especially athletes) to speak openly about their beliefs.

    This highly readable book is an antidote to the "doom and gloom" that can discourage those of us who love the Church. It is timely and extremely welcome." - Tom Monaghan, Founder of Ave Maria University.

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    Paperback, Size: 5Ē x 8Ē, 309 pp.

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