What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Traditional Mass CD

What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Traditional Mass CD
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Rediscover the Treasures of the Traditional Mass!

Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontifucum has made official what Traditional Catholics have maintained for decades - the Traditional Mass was never abrogated. It therefore may be said privately by any priest of the Latin rite without any special permission from his ordinary or even the Holy See - and the faithful may attend!

Inherent in the Motu Proprio, is the Pope's understanding of the continuity of Tradition: there are not two rites, but two expressions of the one Roman Rite, the "ordinary" (Novus Ordo) and the "extraordinary" (Tridentine). After forty years of confusion and contradiction, the Holy Father boldly declares, "What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred."

As you listen to this CD you'll discover:

  • Why the Mass is said in Latin
  • The significance of the vestments, vessels, altar, and liturgical colors
  • Why the priest faces the altar
  • A prayer-by-prayer overview of the Traditional Latin Mass
  • The Mass and Calvary
  • Why the Mass is a true sacrifice
  • The Motu Proprio's presentation of the "continuity of Tradition"
  • The best method of assisting at Mass
  • How the 1962 Missal was never juridically abrogated and, consequently, in principle, was always permitted
  • The ends and fruits of the Mass
  • And much more...

    Compiled from Church approved sources.

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