The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton by Dave Armstrong

The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton by Dave Armstrong
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The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton, a unique collection of the pithiest and most profound sentences ever to spring from his pen. Editor and renowned apologist Dave Armstrong has scoured Chesterton's voluminous writings, gathered together his choicest quotes, and meticulously organized them by topic.

Profit from Chesterton's insights on:

  • Economics: "Personally I think the Socialist and the Capitalist are very much alike, especially in the great unifying quality of being both wrong."
  • Educational theory: "A child is a human being who has not grown up; to hear educationists talk one would think he was some variety of a deep-sea fish."
  • Marriage: "To put the matter in one metaphor, the sexes are two stubborn pieces of iron; if they are to be welded together, it must be while they are red-hot."
  • Religious humility: "No Catholic thinks he is a good Catholic; or he would by that thought become a bad Catholic."
  • Secularism: "To be secular simply means to be of the age; that is, of the age which is passing; of the age which, in their case, is already passed."
  • Tradition: "I was always rushing out of my architectural study with plans for a new turret only to find it sitting up there in the sunlight, shining, and a thousand years old."

    A book to savor, to dip into time and time again,The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton is sure to delight diehard Chestertonians while providing newcomers a perfect introduction to one of the brightest lights of English Catholic letters.

    Softcover. 378 pp.

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